Kate is studying Hamlet in her AP Lit class.  Yesterday, the lit teacher was talking about how it was set in Denmark, and that Denmark is part of Scandinavia.  She has Swedish ancestry asked if anyone else in the class was Scandinavian.  Four kids in the class raised their hands.  Including Kate.  The teacher gave Kate an odd look and asked her what she was.  "I'm part Swedish.  And a tiny bit Norwegian."

The teacher tilted her head to the side and gave Kate a very puzzled and questioning, "Reallly?" before moving on to two girls with Norwegian ancestry.

I do wish they studied The Merchant of Venice next.  I would love to see her reaction when Kate claimed Italian ancestry.  :)
The junior class reintroduced the Junior Prom, after a hiatus of about 4 years.  We have the Crab Feed on ths same night, and Jazz band plays there, so Kate wasn't planning to go.

But last week a text popped up on Kate's phone and it was on the table, and I glanced down and saw something about prom.  A bunch of her friends were planning to go and were discussing dinner plans.  

She was getting mildly interested in going to prom. I immediately hopped onto the computer and started showing her dresses online. She thought a couple of them looked nice and we talked about going shopping (in our Copious Spare Time, because apparently March is the New May). Then I found The Dress. I called her over, and she loved it! But, it was not available online in her size. Some poking at the website let me determine that it was not available at nearby stores. More poking let me find out that it was available in other cities, like Stockton, Santa Rosa, and Carson City.

Al declined to drive to Stockton for the dress, but pointed out that it was kinda sorta on the way home from taking Robert back to school.

Last weekend was pretty busy. On Friday, the 27th, Kate had a jazz band performance at the Woodcreek festival. On Saturday, Robert took the train home and got picked up by my brother-in-law because Al and I were working at the drumline and guard show all day. Kate performed in the drumline show. On Sunday, we picked up my parents at 8 am, then drove to Daly City to have lunch at a buffet place with about two dozen relatives we just met. Then we drove Robert back to school and drove home via Stockton to find The Dress.

Al called ahead to make sure they still had it in stock in her size. They did, and we asked them to hold it. We got there and she tried it on. It was gorgeous! And a bit big. So I got the next size down (which was available at our local store) and she said, "So...you might be a little irate. This one fits." We got the dress (which was already on sale, plus we had a 20% off coupon). She texted her friends excitedly. "I got my dress!"

On Monday, I got a series of texts.

Kate: Hey. Small problem.

Kate: You know how I got that super cute dress over the weekend?

Kate: Um, Taylor happened to go shopping for a dress this past weekend and

Kate: it just so happens that jc penny's had my dress in her size? and so

Kate: she bought it.

Kate: And so I should probably get a different dress and wear this one for senior ball.

Me: Augh!!!!

Kate: Sorry.......

Me: Tell taylor you saw it first

Kate: No that's mean

Me: And this isn't mean to me?

Kate: Fine then I won't go

Me: Okay we will get another dress

Kate: It's fine. We don't really have to. I probably wouldn't get to go for very long anyway.

Me: We will go shopping after your appointment

Kate: Ok. Thank u!!


(At school, Taylor asked about Kate's dress. Kate didn't have a picture, so she described it to Taylor. "It's different shades of blue." "So is my dress!" "And it's got spaghetti straps." "My dress has spaghetti straps, too." "And there's this bejewled part in the middle!" "Mine, too." "And there's this flowy piece of fabric down the middle." "Uh, Kate, let me show you a picture of my dress...")

But her appointment ran long (x-rays for her knee which is still bothering her) and she had Monday night band practice from 6:30-9, so no actual shopping. I did find another dress online, which she liked, so I ordered it immediately, in the size that fit her for The Dress and the size we thought would fit her. I paid for expedited shipping, and delivery was supposed to be by Friday.

On Wednesday, the dress arrived. We went out to look for shoes, then she decided she'd just use her normal black dressy shoes which are pretty flat, and we went to see my mom (who is currently staying at my sister's house) for alterations. The dress was long on her. My niece was astonished and speechless. My nephew crawled over to tug on the gauzy skirt. Mom did measurements. Kate dashed off to drumline practice.

On Thursday afternoon Kate came home from school and said, "Taylor said she might not be able to go to Junior Prom after all." Al fell down on the floor laughing. Kate explained. You need to show your student ID in order to sign up to go to prom, and Taylor lost her ID. She didn't want to ask her parents for money for a new ID because they'd just paid a lot for diferent stuff for her. Kate said she was going to try to get Taylor to accept money from her to get the new ID so she wouldn't have to ask her parents. "Tell her she has to go to prom so your mom won't kill you." Kate agreed that it was a convincing argument.

On Friday, Kate left for Fresno for a drumline competition. She left right after school, so we didn't see her go. We were busy running around helping with Art Auction for Josh's school district. At the end of the night I texted her (with bad texting hilarity). Kate let me know that Taylor had found her ID, and she is going to Junior Prom after all!

Hopefully Dress Drama is over now!

Poor Kitty Cat. I woke up yesterday morning at 6:35 am when the phone rang. Kate was on the phone, crying. She couldn't get the car to turn off, and she was going to be late for 0 period, and the teacher started grading 0 period's attendance this semester because so many kids were cutting class last semester. Al told her to just go to class and leave the car and he drove over to deal with it.

She left the door unlocked, and her keys on the seat. The engine was still running when Al got there, and he, too, was unable to turn it off. She'd had trouble starting it in the morning, so she was already a little freaked out, and now it wouldn't stop. Fortunately nobody else was around that early except band kids. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if someone had taken her car, but she also left her house keys on the key ring, so having those stolen would have sucked.

Al left his car, swapped the student parking pass over to it, then drove Marshall home. He left Marshall "parked" and locked in the driveway. I googled to discover that the dealership opened at 7 am, so he called and asked to bring it in. They said they wouldn't get to it today and asked if he could bring it in tomorrow. Ha ha. He countered and asked if he could leave it there today even if they saw it tomorrow and let the continuous running be their problem instead. So we dropped off Marshall. Al went to Choraliers, and after that I took him to the high school to pick up his car. Read more... )
Josh made it in to the All State Junior High School Concert Honor Band!  Amazing Duckling!


Dec. 13th, 2014 03:44 pm
Today is Tuba Christmas.  I met up with other parents and kids at Starbucks and we arranged the carpools down to Tuba Christmas.  Tonight is also Winter Ball at the high school.  One of the moms asked about that, and was told that Winter Ball is often on the same day as Tuba Christmas.  "What?  That's not right!  They should think about rescheduling it to another day so there's no conflict!  Somebody should talk to the high school about making sure it's on a different day."


Dec. 10th, 2014 10:24 pm

Kate has signed up to play a new instrument.  She "auditioned for" the Winter Drumline as a cymbal line player tonight, and she was accepted.

This is going to be quite the upper body workout.  When she came home tonight her arms were killing her, and she used two hands to lift a cookie up to her mouth.  "No junk food!  I can only carry the absolutely necessary food to my mouth!"

She was quite excited about joining Winter Drumline. Enthused enough that she was willing to drop PCYO to do it.  Between drumline and jazz band she's going to have a very busy spring semester.

In other news,this is the week of all concerts.  Al accompanied two elementary school choirs at the Nativity exhibit on Saturday. Josh was in the PCYO winter concert on Monday.  He missed his last jazz band class on Monday night becase of the concert, so Kate sat in for him at Jazz band.  She had a lot of fun.  (Low brass was told to be more mezzopiano, which made Kate apologize, but inside she was gleeful because she gets told to be louder all the time at high school concert band.)

Tonight, Josh and I went to watch Al accompany the boys' choir and the girls' choir at our former elementary school.  He's the usual boys' choir accompanist, but the girls' choir's accompanist went on vacation (bad time for school accompanists to go on vacation).

On Thursday, Josh is at the junior high band concert, and Kate is at the high school band and choir concert.  On Friday, the junior high has an assembly with the band and choir performing, and Kate repeats the band and choir concert at night.

Saturday is Tuba Christmas.

Tis the season!

"When was my tetanus shot?"

There was a short time of panic.   It turns out that Robert had an incident with a stapler.  Which now involves ice, but he seems to be otherwise okay.

Josh is #1!

Dec. 2nd, 2014 09:54 pm
Josh is first seat tuba in the Capitol Section Middle School Honor Band!

He was first seat tuba last year as well, but they only accepted one tuba at the audition.  So we knew he was good enough to get in, but not how good.  (Last year he was also second seat tuba, out of two, at the All Northern Honor Band.

This year they accepted FIVE tubas!  And he is still first.  He is so awesome!

We turned in his audition CD before the Thanksgiving break, but we got texts and emails from his band teacher asking us to correct it before it was sent in.  That totally paid off.

So proud of Josh!  Most Awesome Duckling Evar!

Busy, busy week.

The band teacher wanted to surprised the band on Halloween.  They played at all 7 schools in the elementary district.  They did their usual dressing up in themes by section.  The trombone section dressed up with an Aladdin theme.  Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, the Genie, and Kate as the magic carpet.  At the end of the day we got section pics with Kate lying on the floor and the rest of the section sitting on her carpet.  Then Trey said, "Everybody sit on Kate!" and they sat on her.  There was much giggling.

At my niece's school I managed to get picture of her and Kate high fiving each other as the kids walked past the band after the performance.  So cute!  The niece was thrilled to point out her cousin to her friends.

Since it was rainy and wet all day, the band only wore band polos for the football game (and pants).  We hid our party supplies in the drama room, and after the band left to do their pre-game playing for the football team, we put up a few decorations and set up a table and put out cookies and treat bags of candy (which were stuffed by a small group of moms at my house on Wednesday).  We texted one mom at the game to give us a warning when the band headed back in from the game.  At the end of the first quarter, she came back and said they were on their way back in, so we poured apple juice and apple cider.  When they trooped back in we surprised them with "Happy Halloween!" and they were happy and very appreciative.  The seniors were dismissed first, then juniors, sophomores and freshmen.  As the freshmen came in, it started to sprinkle again, and then it absolutely poured.  We complimented the band teacher on her excellent timing in getting back before it poured.

The kids ate treats and left.  As we were cleaning up the band teacher said, "This is great!  The last time we did this, we just had bowls of candy and the kids grabbed some as they left."  I wailed, "That would have been so much easier!"  I guess we went a teensy bit overboard.

We took Kate and Josh to Denny's for dinner.  While we were there we saw lots of emergency vehicles pull up in front of the restaurant.  When we left we saw a car on its side right outside of the Denny's.  Yow.  Slippery when wet.

Robert was having a rough week and he called while we were eating.  He sent a plaintive text with a picture of his room.  When he got back to his room after class on Friday there were workers because the light fixture was leaking.  So they taped plastic around it and left a column of plastic to fill a bucket in the middle of the room and said that they'd fix it on Monday.  With other minor grumps, he wanted to come home.

Al and I drove out to get him.  I made it most of the way there, then Al took over for the last 10 miles and drove us home.  He brought his laundry.  :)  We got home around 3 am.

For extra bonus fun, Josh had his soccer game at 9, with an 8:30 warm up.  Fortunately it was at a nearby field, so I got up and took him.  Nobody else woke up early enough to come see his team win their second game this season.  They won 3-2, beating the team that was previously ranked first in our division having scored 9 goals in the previous two games.  Woot!  (We won our first game of the season last week, 5-1, against a team that only showed up with 8 players, so we played 8-man teams.  That led to hillarious subbing where they subbed our entire team at once.)busy

Yesterday Kate came home and told me she only had one thing for homework.  Yay!

"I need a copy of The Great Gatsby for school tomorrow."   Boo!

Fortunately, Barnes and Noble loves me.  I went online, looked up the book, chose to pick it up in the store, then waited for a text saying it was ready.  Yay!

When I grumbled about it to a friend today, she asked, "Why didn't you just send her to get it herself?"  Buh.  That would have made too much sense.  I'm too used to doing stuff for her because she's too busy with homework and band.

Tonight she started reading and annotating her copy of the book.  She does not like the narrator.  Exerpts from her annotations:

"He's breaking the fourth wall!  This is why we can't have nice things."

"'Hostile levity'? What does that even mean?  I'm not looking at you dictionary.com."

Saturday's show was crazed and hectic.  We've never had big props before, so the Volunteer Spot didn't have sign-ups to disassemble the props after practice.  The few parents who were there (trailer drivers, bus chaperones, etc.) frantically disassembled as the band packed up.  There was also a frantic reassembling at the show site, although we were able to throw extra parent bodies at that task as people showed up.

One of the guard kids left her uniform at the school.  The uniform moms were told about it, and one of them called the parents who were disassembling props.  One of those parents ran around the school and found a custodian to let them into the band room to get the missing uniform, and they drove it up with the props.

One of our drum majors left before the competition because he was running a fever.  One kid couldn't find his shako box and needed help hunting it down.  One girl needed an extra large glove to cover her cast.  One boy had the silver eagle on his shako crack, so we needed it to glue it back in place.  While warming up, another girl had the hem on her pants rip out, so we did an emergency masking tape repair.  The girl with the cast injured her foot while doing jazz runs across a grass field.  Kate was still feeling sick.

But after all that, they ended up winning their division!  They were 1st in the 6A division!  They won High Percussion, High Color Guard, and High Brass in their division!  Woot!  They had an awesome field show, much cleaner than last week.

Onto Foothills next week!

Thursday night was the Homecoming Bonfire.

The band performed their field show at the Bonfire night, cheerleaders did their cheer routine, dancers danced, homecoming floats floated, and the bonfire was fired up.

Kate said she was leaving the house at 5:15 to get to band and get ready.  I asked if I could catch a ride with her.  At a little after five, she said we were leaving.

"But it's not 5:15 yet!  I'm not ready!  I have to change my clothes!"

"Why aren't you getting ready?  I said I wanted to leave at 5:15!"

"I thought I would get ready at 5:15."

"No!  When I said I wanted to leave at 5:15, that meant walking out the door at 5:15!  Not starting to get ready at 5:15!"

I ran upstairs.  "Where's my show shirt?  I can't find my show shirt!  I wanted to wear it tonight.  Is it even washed?"


I came downstairs, ready to leave.  Kate was still putting on her shoes. "I'm ready now.  Why aren't you ready yet?"

"Because I had to herd you along to get ready!  I was too busy chasing you to get my stuff together!"

When we got to school, the usual parking spaces were full.  I said, "I TOLD you that we should get here early to get parking!"  She sputtered incoherently.

As we passed the band room I said, 'Just drop me off here and you can circle around and find parking.  I don't want to be late."

She didn't let me out, so I had to go with her to find parking, then walk back to the band room.  She complained to her friends about how bratty her mom was.

Besides that, bonfire went well.  :)

We abandoned Josh in the stands to watch the show while we moved band props back and forth from the band room to the stadium.  After chatting a while with other band parents, Al went to rescue Josh from the stands.  Josh was gone.  A while later we found him hanging around the bonfire.  A bunch of freshmen girls pounced on him in the stands.  "We're kidnapping you!"  They dragged him off to the bonfire to introduce him to other girls.

By the time I found him, he was being handshaked and hugged by various freshmen girls.  Wow.

We bought snacks to support clubs, then waited for Kate to show up for snacks.  She hung out with friends, then we went home.

Today Kate took the PSAT.  For extra bonus fun, she left Marshall's headlights on, and when she got out of the PSAT he wouldn't start.

I tried to jump start him, but it didn't work.  Bah.  I know I got the terminals right, but I think the jumper cables we have are crappy and not good enough.  Or maybe Rommie's battery isn't good enough.

We called AAA.  While we were waiting, Dad drove over to hang out with us.  Kate was starving so he picked up fast food for lunch.

After an hour and a half of waiting, AAA showed up.  She tested our battery and checked Stuff, then explained that the battery "isn't Bad, but I'm not saying that it's good".  Basically, it's not a Bad battery, and they could just recharge it and send us on our way.  Buuuut it's 8 years old, and typical battery life is 3-5 years, sooooo maybe we should just change it now.

I'm so impressed with Marshall.  He's done a very good job with his battery.  He was mostly sitting around as our extra 3rd car from 2005-2012 (from when we got Rommie and he got moved out of the garage and into the driveway until Robert started driving two years ago).  And Kate only takes him on very short drives to and from school.  So he's done an amazing job of still having a working battery, despite long periods of inactivity, and mostly short drives these days.

His coolant was also nonexistent, so Dad went out and got some and brought it back to refill him.

I must say that it was an excellent day to happen.  Kate called while I was helping at Josh's school.  Its wasn't a very busy day at school.  Kate didn't have school other than the PSAT, so she found out about the dead battery at 11 am, instead of in the middle of the afternoon while I am driving back and forth to get Josh from school or taking him to orchestra.  Also, Tami needed emergency babysitting during the day when my niece had sudden orthodontic issues, but since my parents are visiting, Mom babysat for her.  If I had been babysitting when Kate called for help with the car, she would have been on her own.  She has her own AAA card, but she wouldn't have been able to pay for the battery.

On the brightest side, I got to hang out with Kate in a parking lot for a few hours.  We got to talk.  About pointless thing, about amusing things, about thing things.  That was really nice.  :)


Oct. 6th, 2014 03:34 pm

We used to watch Agents of Shield together as a family last year.  But with Robert gone, we watched the first episode without him, but promised to save it on the DVR for Thanksgiving break.

He asked if we could Skype and watch the show together.  Skype sucked when we tried to set up an account.  It wouldn't accept any of our phone numbers as a valid number, and we couldn't find an unused id.

Kate started Facetiming with Robert on her ipod and his ipad, and so we set up Facetime on my ipad mini.  Kate and Josh took it to another room to talk, and for a bit we could overhear all three kids voices conversing in the other room. Sniff!

They figured out how to turn on the back camera and set the ipad to point at the tv while we could see Robert's face on the other side.  We rewatched the first episode, and then the second episode together.  He enjoyed the family commentary.

Technology is so cool!

So much has gone on in the last week.  On Friday, we went to the football game to listent to the band.  At one point we heard, "Josh!  Josh!" and turned to see the sousaphone section yelling to get Josh's attention.  After he turned and waved, they started chanting his last name over and over again.  He ducked his head in pleased embarrassment.

Also, while waiting to buy tickets, a freshman girl screamed his name from inside the fence and he ran over and they "hugged" from opposite sides of the fence.  When we got inside she came over and hugged him.  Later in the game, Al heard some freshmen girls (who were in Symphonic band with Josh last year and not in the high school band this year) talking about Josh and complaining.  "Josh is here?  I didn't get to hug him yet!"  But they did run into him after the game and get hugs.

After the game, Kate went to Mel's with band friends.  I drove her there and ate with another mom, while Kate and friends ate on the other side of the restaurant.  At the end of the meal, I checked my wallet.  "I don't have cash, could I card this?"  The other mom said, "I was going to card it.  I don't have any cash either!"  I slunk over to the other side of Mel's.  "Kate, your mom is coming over here."  She said, "I know, I can see her reflection in the glass."  "Kate?  Can I borrow some cash?"  So awkward.  :)

On Saturday we drove Robert to college.  We got to school at 10:30am and got him moved in.  The school have student volunteers with mail carts hauling things to his room.  He's on the 4th floor, in the furthest room from the front door, but we figured out how to use the back stairs to get in and out.  He's in a suite, so he has a roommate plus six more suitemates.  We met his roommate, who seems nice enough, and a few of the suitemates, as well as a few of the parents.

All of his stuff seemed to fit.  (We did forget a few things, so Al took them out to him on Tuesday and met him after class for dinner.)

Before he left, we had boxes piled in the living room with his stuff.  Tami said that we should pack extra surprises in the boxes for him to find when he was unpacking.  While we were helping him unpack, we found a white stuffed bear with two little bears velcroed onto it.  Robert didn't pack it, and Kate and Josh said that they didn't pack it.  I still have to ask Tami if she did that.

When I asked Kate about it, she said she didn't pack it, and she reminded me who the bear was.  "Remember when we had trouble being dropped off in preschool?  You would take that bear and leave it at school with us!"  It's Drop-off Bear!  Robert never needed it, because he would just set up a chair by the window next to the door and watch us drive away and wave to us as we went by.  Kate did pretty well, but I think she sometimes wanted Drop-off Bear.  Josh had a rough time at drop-off, so he always got Drop-off Bear in his bucky.

I might never find out how those bears got into his boxes.  But maybe it's there to remind me that he's okay with being dropped off.

We checked on Robert on Sunday and had brunch with him.  Then Al pointed out that the Welcome Weekend schedule said, "12 Noon Parents Leave".  So we had to leave.  :(

Driving home on Sunday, we were listening to a mix CD that we started on the way there.  It had some of Robert's favorite songs, which made me teary and sad.  Like his favorite song from when he was one and a half.  After that CD was over, I put in the Wicked CD and fast forwarded to For Good.  Al said, "Oh for crying out loud, now you're just trying to make yourself miserable."

We went out to dinner at a band family's house on Sunday, and when we got back home there was a phone message that was just a loud sigh.  "Robert called!"  :)  Although when he called later he denied leaving that message.

On Tuesday, Al went to work and took stuff to Robert and had dinner with him.  He emailed me a picture of Robert at dinner, with the subject line "He lives!"  Robert also called because he needed a credit card number to order a program online.  :)

No more calls from Robert since Tuesday.  I'm trying to leave him alone and not be that clingy, needy mom.  Kate:  "But you are that clingy, needy mom."  Josh:  "No, you're not!  Well, not moreso than usual."

This year's field show is Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, with music from The Mummy.

Today at practice, we saw the baritone section leader standing along the sideline playing but not marching (bad knees).  Also not marching were two flute girls on crutches, one with a sprained ankle from playing volleyball in PE, the other recovering from ankle surgery.  And on the bench were a trumpet girl who was severely ill but trying to play the music, and a trombone player with a broken wrist and dislocated shoulder from a post-soccer game collision (someone on the team warming up ran into her while doing laps).

For extra bonus fun, there's a clarinet player and a sax player marching with a broken arm, and a mellophone player marching with bronchitis.  Hard core kids.

Kate is falling over with strained muscles and exhaustion, but I imagine that many other band kids are as well.
Kate wants and Elsa dress.  Sadly, it is difficult and expensive to find one in her size.  I was able to get a pattern, though.

"And when Grandma comes to visit in October..."

"I'm not going to stick Grandma with the job of making the dress for me!" (Mom, on the other hand, is apparently fair game.)

We got the pattern and she was looking it over.  "Why did you get the instructions in Spanish?"  She started reading it in Spanish.  "Oh, the English instructions are right next to it!"  She continued reading in Spanish.  :)

Gotta love the before/after school Spanish programs at our schools.
That means Pep Band!

Kate drove  me to school.  She has special sticker on her student ID that lets her park in the staff parking lot during football games.  I helped with uniforms again.  It was nice seeing all the kids and hanging out with my friends.

The band sounded great, especially since they just started practicing the pep music this week.  They were also fun to watch.  They had so much fun dancing and cheering and yelling.  Towards the end of the game, a bunch of the kids were swapping their instruments around.  A baritone player was playing bari sax, the bari sax player had a baritone, and then a tuba, Kate swapped with a baritone player.  They even played one of the pep songs like that.  We were sitting near them, and I leaned over and told Kate, "Do you know what you guys are doing?  You're playing Musical Instruments!"

Kate gave me a teenage death glare.

Then she turned around and told her friends, "My mom said..."

One of the other parents asked if we ever got bored at the games.  "No, the band is too entertaining.  We never get bored of that."
Today while I was volunteering at school, Josh's band started practicing pep band music for Pep Night (where the junior high bands go to the high school and play with the high school band at the football game).

One of the other volunteer moms said, "Cool!  They're playing Love Boat!"

"Actually, it's YMCA."  Played very slowly and somewhat out of tune.

You know what I love about junior high band?  I get to see them improve so much.  That's really cool.

In other news, Kate has the best parking space at school.  Because band has 0 period, band kids get to school before most other kids.  They tend to park in the small, side parking lot, right next to the building.  For extra bonus fun, Kate accidentally found the one spot that has shade from a tree in the afternoon.  And since her last period chemistry class is right next to the side parking lot, she can dash out of class and get out of the parking lot before the traffic rush starts.  She got home 5 minutes after school ended one day, as opposed to the 20-25 minutes it would take her to ride home with Robert last year.  She is a very happy Cat.

...who stll can't keep track of her phone.  Over the weekend there was a knock on the front door.  It was a band friend who lives down the street.  She had other band kids over, and they tried to call Kate to invite her over to watch a movie, but Kate didn't answer, so they walked down the street to ask if she come out to play.  How old school.  :)  Although they could have called the house.

New shoes

Aug. 26th, 2014 05:56 pm
At the beginning of summer, I bought Josh a new pair of sneakers so that he could break them in before doing All The Walking in Europe.

This morning, as I was driving him to school for 0 period, I noticed that he had holes in the tops of his shoes. So after he did homework, we went to Target. (The other two tagged along, bribed by Target food.) The kids' shoes were buy one, get a pair 50% off, so I thought we could get him two pairs, since he wore out his shoes so quickly.

He said that his old shoes, size 4-1/2, still fit. We couldn't find that size, so he tried on size 5. Those were snug, so he tried on size 6. They fit.

I can't believe he was still walking around in the old shoes. He must have really stretched them out.

While we were shopping, Robert decided that he could use new sneakers, too, and found a pair.

Kate found clearance sandals, and got two pairs.

This kid thing is expensive. :)
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