Jun. 6th, 2016 11:47 pm
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Kate graduates and goes on a road trip!  Concert!  Grad parties!

Al was out of town for work for the week before Graduation.  He got back into town on Friday evening, then swung downtown on his way home from the airport to pick up Robert from the train station.  He dropped Robert off at home, then got Josh from PCYO practice and brought him over to Kate's grad party at Diana's house.  They helped clean up when it was over.

Kate graduated on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend!  That was quite the hectic day.  She and Josh had to be at school at 7:15 am (she was lining up to walk for graduation, he was playing in the band).  We showed up at 8, Al dropped us off then parked a long long long way away.  Graduation had nice weather, the speakers were cool or funny or inspirational.  The teacher who spoke talked about learning from your mistakes, like, "If you're in the left turn lane on Eureka at the stop sign, heading toward school at 7:30 in the morning, TURN LEFT.  Do not go straight and cut off your AP Gov teacher."  That was hilarious, because many people know exactly who he was talking about making that mistake.  And I bet that guy never made that mistake again.

We had a graduation lunch with family at Tami's house (because her house was clean and mine was not), then dashed out to briefly drop in at Colette's graduation party.  It turned out to be a shared party with another kid I knew, Colin, and another kid I didn't know.

Kate and Josh had to be at PCYO at 4:30 for warm ups.  Concert was at 7 pm.  They also had the pit orchestra people from Wizard of Oz perform excerpts from the show.   That included Josh.  We dashed home at 9, and Kate was picked up by Julia at 9:30 to go to Sober Grad Night at Sunsplash.  She had lots of fun although she did not take a house key so she called at 7:30 am asking to be let into the house.

On Sunday we stopped at Jeffery's grad party briefly, then zoomed to the Studio Movie Grill to watch Captain America 3 with the PCYO gang.  That was fun, although Robert wasn't that interested in the food.  We had dinner with relatives after that.

On Monday we had relatives over for lunch and swimming!  We had the band reveal party in the evening, and greeting incoming families before that.

On Tuesday, everybody left!  Al went to work, taking Robert back with him.  Mom and Dad flew home.  Kate drove off to Magic Mountain with friends.  They drove down on Tuesday, did Magic Mountain on Wednesday, and drove home on Thursday.

Kate only rode three things at Magic Mountain, but she has claimed motion sickness every day since then.  That's a pretty impressive roller coaster.

Took Josh to buy new shorts and swim suits so he would have stuff that fit.  Stuff from last summer doesn't fit any more.  That kid has grown a lot.  Earlier this year before going to Hawaii with the band, we discovered at the last minute that Josh's shorts all gave him a wedgie.  (There was emergency short shopping the night before he left.)  Sadly, on Sunday we discovered that all the stuff we bought went on sale.  :P

On Wednesday, the junior high celebrated the school's 20th anniversary.  During the rally, the bands played "Spirit of Olympus" a song they commissioned this year.  The choir sang the alma mater along with it.  Josh and I pulled together posterboards with the alma mater lyrics an hour before the event ("I know you aren't good with handwriting, but do you think you could find some posterboard and put the words for the alma mater on it...?")  The high school band kids who are alumni were invited to come back to play the song (it was premiered at Bandtastic earlier this year).  Thirteen of them showed up!  Sadly, the high school band kids had to turn in school instruments the previous Saturday after graduation, so most of the kids who came were kids who owned their instruments (10), or played percussion (2), or borrowed a tuba from the junior high (Josh), or "borrowed" one of the turned in high school instruments because they were on leadership (1).

On Saturday, Josh crashed the elementary and junior high music department party at Sunsplash and hung out with his 8th grade friends.  We ran lots of errands, like taking Rommie in for warranty work and discovering that she needed to go back for major non-warranty work.  :(  Al and Kate went to Teddy's grad party.  I had to wait for Josh to call for a ride home from Sunsplash.

Sunday was getting caught up on stuff.  Dropped Rommie off for a new rack and pinion ($1770) but apparently they felt sorry for us and threw in a free oil change and air filter while they were at it.  Yay?  Cleaning out the garage some more, because Kate is wrangling to get the third garage bay cleared out as a parking space for Nick.

On Monday I took Kate shopping for shorts and swimsuits.  Josh got a haircut.

Somewhere in there Josh got a smartphone, so now he can actually participate in group texts with the tuba section.  Yay!  Al told relatives to text him so that he would have their contact info in the phone.  Josh got a text.  He asked us whose number it was.  We looked it up and identified Robert.  Josh texted back, "New phone who dis?"  Robert responded:  ", this is Josh, right?"

Caught up?  Yay?
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