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Al received a series of about 20 texts from an excited Kate at 9:15 in the morning.  But he did not notice them until much later, so we did not find out what she was texting about until she got home.

This morning at 0 period Wind Ensemble rehearsal, there was a visitor in class - the concert band director from UNR.  Our director pointed out Kate to him, as a student who is going to UNR in the fall and planning to join the marching band (if she ever gets around to doing her audition recording).  He asked if she was interested in concert band as well, and she said that she was, so he was happy about that.

After they played, he came over and told her that he was listening to her (picking out her 1st trombone part) while she was playing and that he could hear her and she was quite good and asked what she was majoring in.  Kate said that she was undecided.  He said that there were no guarantees, but she could possibly get into the Wind Ensemble (the higher level concert band) at UNR!  The Wind Ensemble is 80% music majors and 20% non-music majors.  The lower level band is 80% non-music majors and 20% music majors.  Kate was really excited that he thought she was good enough to possibly get into the Wind Ensemble in her freshman year.  Happy, excited Kitty Cat!

Poor Josh got a 100 % on his math test, but Kate bubbled all over his news when he tried to explain it to us.  :(  But yay little Math Duckling!

The afternoon was hectic.  They both had orchestra rehearsal from 4:30-6:30.  Josh snuck out early to get to Concert Band warm up at 6:30.  The high school choir/jazz choir/Concert Band concert was at 7 pm.  Kate slid into the audience to watch shortly after the started (she stayed the entire time at orchestra rehearsal).  The choir and jazz choir have a new director this year, and they (and she) are amazing!  The Concert Band did quite well, too.  We also watched our drumline Solo winners performe their winning solos.

After the concert I chatted with several parents who won't be here next year (kids either Seniors graduating or younger kids not continuing in band).  Sniff!

Busy busy week.  Kate's Wind Ensemble concert tomorrow night.

Date: 2016-05-22 11:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jayfurr.livejournal.com
Is everyone in your family an amazing musician?

I have no musical ability whatsoever; I can't sing and I was the world's all-time worst saxophone player, but I did enjoy band anyway. I envied the heck out of people who actually knew what they were doing and who had talent.

Date: 2016-05-24 12:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] silkiemom.livejournal.com
I dunno about everyone. My sisters and brothers are all pretty good amateurs at their instruments. Al did All State honor choir in high school, and also sang in high school choir and madrigals and played string bass in the orchestra. And he's really good at piano, playing in a band that did wedding gigs, and also accompanying a church youth group way back in high school and college.

Robert has an excellent ear but no formal vocal training, so he can sing harmony (or melody) in tune and the right key, but he would do better with breath training and stuff.

Kate loves playing instruments, but hates standing out in performances. She's a pretty good alto in a choir, and she is a very good trombonist (able to get into the regional honor band). She also likes goofing around and has picked up a bit of baritone, flute, ukulele and soprano trombone (slide trumpet) for fun. She was the first seat trombone player for two years in high school, and 3 years in the high school jazz band (mostly for lack of other players, but still).

Josh has a great ear and was a good soprano but hasn't really kept up singing since he lost his soprano (I think he's still bitter about that). He doesn't like to work at it, but when he does, he is quite good at tuba for his age (regional honor band judges were surprised he was a freshman). He played jazz trombone for 3 years with the junior high band but didn't get into the high school jazz band. Maybe next year. But I still think his favorite instrument is the baritone that he started out on. He's just very much a team player and willing to play the instruments that his teacher needed (like trombone for jazz and tuba).

I personally am super good at sitting in concerts and clapping. To quote my small toddler children, "Mommy, stop singing." To quote my toddler niece, "Aunty, stop singing."



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