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Joshua forgot his lunch box on the island this morning.

He and Kate both have the same lunch period, and usually spend it in the bandroom.  He walked in at lunch time and sat down next to Kate.  She said, "Go away.  Eat your lunch somewhere else."

"I can't.  I forgot my lunch at home."

One the boys in the group, Aidan, gave Joshua an apple, which he accepted gratefully as he moved away from their group.

Well, I always say that band kids are the nicest kids.  Unless they're your sibling, I guess.

Joshua needs to be more careful.  On Wednesday, I was driving him to school in a carpool with Lauren.  I mentioned that the junior high was leaving on their overnight trip this Friday, and we talked about wacky shenanigans that had happened on previous trips, like the kid who carried his band binder all around Six Flags because he forgot to take it out of his backpack (Joshua), and the kid who wore black dress shoes and pants through Six Flags because he forgot to change his pants (also Joshua), and the guy who had to wear his dress shoes at Great America because he lost on sneaker (not Joshua), and the boy who lost his backpack (also not Joshua).  As they got out at school, Lauren commented, "Why are all the stories only about boys?  Maybe the girls are just more organized or something?"

I looked down just as the door slammed shut and rolled down the window and yelled out, "Josh!  You forgot your lunch!"  Facepalm.  Kids.
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