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This has been an incredible semester for us, musically.  Today was the last day of school.  Done!

Josh had his first season marching in high school, Kate had her last.  Sniff!

They won almost every competition they were in this fall, except BOA (boo!).  They even placed first at the WBA finals in 4A competition, and finished a respectable 5th in the overall competition.  That's amazing for a 4A band in overall competition.

Last week was all the concerts.  Al accompanied the elementary boys' choir on Wednesday night.  He also accompanied the junior high choir during an assembly on Friday morning.  Josh and Kate had their Winter Concerts on Thursday and Friday night.  They were invited to sing the final song, Peace, Peace, along with the choir at the end of the concerts.  The choir has 12 members and wanted to boost their sound by having another dozen or so band kids help them out with singing.  It was lovely.

On Saturday, Josh and Kate went to Tuba Christmas and had a blast.  On Saturday night, Josh played in the PCYO concert.  Kate declined to join PCYO this fall because the concert fell on the same night as Winter Ball, and she wanted to do Not A Ball with her friends that night.  She got dressed up and went out to play miniature golf, have dinner, and watch a movie.

And Kate was finally convined to try out for Honor Band this year.  She turned in an audition tape and made it in to the Capitol Section Honor Band.  Yay!  Josh made it in, too.  They were among 17 kids from their school who got in this year.

Josh also tried out for All Northern Honor Band.  We were dubious about his chances because he is a freshman, and also because his band teacher said that his recording quality was weird.  She said that she was asked about his recording at the auditions for Cap Section, and she had to reassure them that he didn't really sound that odd.

On Wednesday we got a vague postcard about All Northern that said that results were on the website.  Results were Not on the website.  We checked it again and again until they finally showed up, late Wednesday night.

I pounced on Josh, waking him up, shrieking, "You're on the list!  You're on the list!  You're on the list!"

We won't find out about All State until January.  But that's a real long shot.

In other news, Kate is in Wind Ensemble (the advanced band) and Josh is in Concert Band (not the advanced band).  Rats.  We will have to drive him to school every day next semester.

edit:  Oops forgot to post this yesterday and just hit post.
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