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We've been trying to talk Josh into trying out for high school jazz band.  He said he wasn't going to do it because he knew he wouldn't get in.  The teacher takes returning jazz band students and makes new ones audition.  She has three returning jazz trombones, one returning but switching from piano to trombone, and one senior auditioning.  That's already 5 trombones, and since trombone isn't Josh's primary instrument, he didn't think he could beat out any of the other freshman trombones, even if there was space.  Begging and bribery did not work (since he's full up on bribes just from trying out for honor bands).

But apparently Kate has now talked him into trying out "for her".  Since getting a ptrumpet this past summer, she's been thinking about trying out for jazz band on trumpet.  But she doesn't think any of the other freshmen are trying out on trombone, and she thinks the teacher will accept 5 trombones like last year.  So she doesn't think that the teacher will let her move to trumpet and leave the band with only 4 trombones.  Josh trying out for trombone will make it more likely that Kate will get to play trumpet.

It's nice to see how much they take care of each other.  I think part of the reason Kate wants to play trumpet is to make room for Josh in the trombone section so that they can be in jazz band together.  I hope it all works out.
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