May. 27th, 2016

Graduation is tomorrow!  This week has been kicking my butt, though.

After surviving late night project drama, I went into school to drop off CDs for the band director.  The director saw me and said, "You're here!" enthusiastically, followed by, "Josh didn't have the written portion of his digeridoo project today.  I said he could turn it in tonight for partial late credit."

The only thing worse than the kid who waits until 12:15 am to tell me that they forgot to do part of the homework is the kid who doesn't remember that they forgot to do part of their homework.

After school we dashed out to get some shopping done.  I grumbled to Josh about his missing homeworkt, then lamented, "I can't believe I missed the written part of this project!"

He said, "Don't feel bad.  I missed it, too."

Josh made Al's pesto recipe to take in for culture day in 1st period Symphonic band.  Kate mooched his leftovers for Jazz band in second period.  At the end of the day, Josh was a little bitter about that.  He was the only kid in Symphonic band to eat any pesto on linguini because the other kids in class thought it looked weird or too healthy.  In Jazz band, Maria asked Kate what it was, tried some, then raved about it so everybody else pounced on it.  Josh complained, "I made the pesto last night, and you woke up early to make the linguini, and everybody thinks Kate is so wonderful for bringing it in."

I think I went to Safeway 7 times since Monday.  Al was out of town for work all week, so I had to do All The Errands.  Party planning plus I am inefficient.  Spoiled by Al doing most of the shopping these days.

Kate and Josh had no actual school today, just graduation practice.

We had Kate's graduation party tonight, co-hosted with two of her best friends.  A ton of band kids and families dropped by to see them.  It was a great party at her friend's house.  She has an awesome house and an amazing yard for a party.  They have a nice outdoor kitchen with two tvs, multiple patio areas to sit, a pool and spa, a putting green (the small kids enjoyed that)  and an outdoor fireplace.  There was too much food, but it was a great party.

Graduation tomorrow!



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