May. 8th, 2016

Millions of years ago, when my kids were in 3rd grade, they dressed up as "pioneers" for Apple Valley days near the end of the school year.  The boys wore sort of generic button down shirts, but I made Kate a dress, apron and bonnet for her to wear.

Since the niece is in 3rd grade, I hunted down Kate's stuff for her to borrow.  My house is a pit of packrattery, but I went over to a pile of clothes that were sitting around (outgrown, needs mending, costuming stuff), dug through it and came up with the dress and apron.  Hah!  I was impressed that despite the overwhelming clutter and mess, I could still find it almost instantly.  I guess it's because I remember leaving it there.  But although I looked and looked, I couldn't find the bonnet.  :P

When my mom was visiting after Easter, she asked if she could borrow the pattern to make a bonnet in case I couldn't find it.  I dug through the pattern drawer and found the pattern within minutes.  Hah!

After mom went home, she sent email, asking about how I made the bonnet.  Did I cheat and use elastic, or did I use a ribbon coming out of a buttonhole to tighten it?  Did I use eyelet lace on the brim?  I answered that I used ribbon and faked the buttonhole by hand, and then I suddenly remembered that I didn't use the white apron fabric to make the bonnet - I used a blue fabric.  And I got up and rummaged on a shelf under our coatrack and found the bonnet.  It is weird that when my brain switched from thinking the bonnet was white to remembering that it was blue suddenly made me find it.  Although I guess it's because when I remembered it was blue my brain remembered where the blue bonnet was.

My brain is weird.



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