Mar. 15th, 2016

The last few weeks have been a ton of busyness.  This past weekend, Josh had extra PCYO practice on Friday night from 4:30-6:30.  My brother-in-law picked him up and dropped him off at the Olympus spaghetti dinner fundraiser, so he could hang out with and watch and support friends.

We couldn't drive him because we were at Kate's drumline show.  Al was recording the show.  I was moving a timpani from the parking lot, to the gym, onto the floor for the performance, and then back out to the parking lot.  The trip back and forth was mostly in pouring rain, with brieft bits of ducking under overhangs.  That was pretty cold, wet and miserable. We didn't stay for awards (although we are assuming we won our division, being the only team in that division).

On Saturday, Kate had drumline practice from 8-2.  Josh and I went to my niece's birthday party from 1-4.  We helped set up games, and Josh helped run games like the Best Party Helper Evar.

Kate showed up briefly in her Jazz band outfit at 3, then left at 4:15 and headed to the Not So Crabby Feed fundraiser for her band.

(On Thursday night, I remembered that she'd left her Jazz outfit hanging on hooks on the back of the kids' bathroom door.  Unwashed, but at least not in a pile on her floordrobe.  So I dragged them downstairs and washed them.  After this use, she remembered to put her clothes in the hamper!  Unfortunately, she also put her Dry Clean Only blazer in the hamper, too.  Fortunately, Al recognized it as a Dry Clean Only item and did not put it into the washer with darks.  Improvement!)

Al and I atteneded the NSCF fundraiser and ate food and bid on stuff.  Kate performed with the Jazz band and finished at 7.  Josh worked at the fundraiser from 6:15-10.

On Sunday, there was shopping for clothes for Al and Josh (and picking up a gift card for a birthday present).  Kate went to a friends' birthday party (trombones and drum majors were there) and Josh had extra PCYO practice.

On Monday, Kate had Monday night practice and Josh had his PCYO concert.

Tonight, Josh's tuba lesson is cancelled because he and Kate have a band concert at school.

This has been a hectic year.



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